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To shock or not to shock that is the question?

  A 60 yo male came into Midtown a few days ago for generalized weakness.  He was hemodynamically stable and the EKG above was obtained.   With an irregularly irregular wide complex tachycardia like this our differential is fairly short… 1) A-fib or MAT with aberrant conduction (aka a bundle branch block) 2) A-fib or …

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EKG of the Day?

Anyone want to guess this rhythm and the treatment of choice?

EKG of the Day

Remember:  Heart attacks occur in paced rhythm’s! Sgarbossa’s Criteria: Concordant ST elevation > 1mm in leads with a positive QRS complex (score 5) Concordant ST depression > 1 mm in V1-V3 (score 3) Excessively discordant ST elevation > 5 mm in leads with a negative QRS complex (score 2). A total score of ≥ 3 …

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