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Hypertension and Pregnancy

Got a hypertensive pregnant patient?  Preelampsia:  Hypertension >140/90 with proteinuria >300mg/24hours Eclampsia:  Addition of SZ activitity, signs of end organ involvement (i.e. visual complaints and headache, creatinine elevation) Watch out for HELLP!  Hemolysis, elevated liver enzyme, low platelets Treatment:  Expectant management, delivery if possible, treat seizures with Magnesium Dose:  6g loading followed by 2g/hour Learning point …

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Spontaneous Hemoperitoneum

A 39 year-old female with current medical history of cocaine abuse and uterine fibroids reports to the ED with 2 days of abdominal pain.  The pain was sudden in onset, sharp, and severe.  It has progressed in severity over the past two days.  The pain was initially in the lower abdomen, but is now diffuse.  …

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Blue Zone Question

How do people approach steroids in pregnant asthma patients?