Category: Teaching Ultrasounds

Playing tennis and you feel a pop?

  The IOW this week comes from Dr. Nicole Franks. Her patient is 48 year old male, who presented to the ER with ankle pain and difficulty with ambulation after an injury while playing tennis.  He reports he heard a pop when the injury occurred.    Bedside ultrasound above was obtained. To get this image place the patient …

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Teaching Ultrasound: Cholangitis-Choledocolithiasis

The IOW this week comes from Drs. Dustin Hill and Katie Dean. Their patient is 40’s year old male, who presented to the ER with fever, tachycardia, and  RUQ abdominal pain. He had a history  of cholecysttitis previously and had undergone cholecystectomy.  Bedside ultrasound below was obtained. It can be challenging to get oriented when imaging …

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