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How would people manage this case if it were hereditary???

EKG of the Day?

Anyone want to guess this rhythm and the treatment of choice?

Quiz of the Day

EKG of the Day

Remember:  Heart attacks occur in paced rhythm’s! Sgarbossa’s Criteria: Concordant ST elevation > 1mm in leads with a positive QRS complex (score 5) Concordant ST depression > 1 mm in V1-V3 (score 3) Excessively discordant ST elevation > 5 mm in leads with a negative QRS complex (score 2). A total score of ≥ 3 …

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Resources for Patients

  Grady Patient Navigators: Kimberlee Scott 5-6474 (cell 404 319-6702) or Barbara Glover 5-6463 (cell 678 265-7396) They can coordinate home health, arrange clinic follow-up. An ideal resource for Grady patients who you are worried about and want to expedite access to outpatient care. You can also message them via your epic inbox after hours. …

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MTC Question

Patient with a forearm stab wound, small hematoma, neurvascularly intact…what workup would you do?

Blue Zone Question

How do people approach steroids in pregnant asthma patients?

Case of the Month #4 Pelvic Fracture

EMory Files Case #4:  Poly-Trauma Hx:   40’s yo M presents with auto v. pedestrian PE:   VS:  Manual BP 80/40, HR 140, B LE Open Deformities, 2+ in all 4, pelvis stable, GCS 7 (2, 2, 3)  Poly-Trauma: ***Case Discussion of Polytrauma with Dr. Prest with Emory Trauma Surgery*** Teaching Point #1:  Problems with airway …

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Case of the Month #5

EMory Files Case #5:  Massive PE Hx:  40 yo F hx of Lupus presents with CP SOB  PE:   VS:  BP 90/50, HR 125, RR 30, O2 88%, afebrile.  Awake and alert, mild distress improved with nonrebreather.   Case Discussion Massive PE: ***Case Discussion Wissam Jaber, Dir. PE Response Team***   Teaching Point #1:  Negative …

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Case of the Month: Beta Blocker Overdose

EMory Files  Case #6:  Beta Blocker Overdose Hx:  70 yo presented with AMS s/p seizure. BS 35 in field PE:   VS: HR39, RR 10, 80/40, O2 98% RA.  After 2 amps of D50 àBS 130.  Mental status:  wakes up to follow commands but falls asleep quickly. Beta Blocker Toxicity ***Case Discussion with Dr. Kazzi***  1)  …

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