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Pregnant with headache

Presentation:  37 yo F with progressive headache, R hand tingling, and incidentally found on this ER visit to be pregnant.  Top 5 Teaching Points Cerebral Vein Thrombosis (1):  1)      It’s rare:  about 1:100,000 in a year (but about 11:100,000 in pregnant women) 2)      Pt’s present with a progressively worsening localizing headache over days (as venous …

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How to give thrombolytics

[notice]PHARMACOLOGY[/notice] A great question came up in the zones. We see and likely should be comfortable with the dosing of Alteplase for CVA. Grady is a renowned Stroke Center and I would certainly have any of my family members come to the Marcus Stroke and Neuroscience Center if they were having a stroke. The fact …

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