Canvas Studio creates a Pathway for QTM Students and Quantitative Professionals

In this project overview, Sandra Ruhlman Smith, Outreach and Career Development Coordinator in the department of Quantitative Theory and Methods (QTM), describes how her team used the Academic Production Studio to record interviews in collaboration with Teaching & Learning Technologies in Fall 2019. These videos were then added to Canvas using the Canvas Studio tool for QTM students to view for professional development.

Project in Brief
Quantitative Theory and Methods Prep for Quantitative Professionalism is a resource available to QTM students crafted to guide them through steps necessary for personal and professional accomplishment.

QTM is fortunate to have the opportunity to interview highly skilled external practitioners that have relevant insights for its majors—for instance, on topics such as immigration and employment. Given the constraints of time and space, being able to record a discussion in the Academic Production Studio addressing key points of a campus talk around immigration issues allowed QTM to capture the speaker’s content highlights and make them available on-demand to students by uploading the media to Canvas Studio.

Outcomes from the Program
QTM has a high population of international students for whom it is essential that they comply with complicated immigration and visa considerations, especially in their planning around graduation and seeking employment. These videos facilitated the delivery of this key information to the students.

Spaces/Technology Used

•  TLT Academic Production Studio
•  Canvas LMS
•  Canvas Studio

Lessons Learned
Hearing nuanced topics in a conversational form makes it easier for students to digest and understand the material. Likewise, the expertise of the guest can be preserved and shared over a course of many semesters as a reference for students who couldn’t attend a presentation. Instead of having to repeat programming on an essential topic, the department’s time can be spent on engaging with other guests while still ensuring that the students have access to necessary information.

Header photo by Lili Popper on Unsplash

Interview still courtesy of Teaching & Learning Technologies