Samothrace Animation Series

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This summer, National Geographic Magazine published a series of five animations depicting the Sanctuary of the Great Gods on the island of Samothrace in Greece circa 200 B.C. The article included three night and two daytime visualizations of ritual and pilgrimage pathways
through the site.

Dr. Bonna Wescoat is the primary investigator who leads the direction of the Tracking Samothrace Project in collaboration with ECDS, which seeks to visualize the archeological findings from Samothrace. Arya Basu from ECDS lead the technical aspects of rendering the animation along with Plexus r+d (an Atlanta based company) who helped to model the scenes.

Special thanks to Dr. Allen Tullos and Wayne Morse for providing timely administrative support for the Samothrace project.

This project is currently being exhibited at the National Geographic museum in Washington D.C.