Updates from TPC+R Spring 2019

Banner featuring participants and instructors of TPC+R 2019

The Emory Center for Digital Scholarship (ECDS) is running its Teaching, Pedagogy, Curriculum + Research (TPC+R) program for graduate students again this spring with a cohort of ten students from across the humanities and sciences.

As an extension session of the Laney Graduate School’s Teaching Assistant Training and Teaching Opportunity (TATTO) program, TPC+R is designed to supplement other pedagogical training and professional development programming offered by academic departments, the Laney Graduate School, and ECDS.

This year’s redesigned curriculum presents an opportunity for graduate students to explore using new technologies in their teaching and research. Participants will be introduced to an array of digital tools, discuss practical and theoretical models for digital scholarship, and receive assistance in developing materials for their own courses and/or research. Through TPC+R, participants will design their own professional website, take part in interactive digital pedagogy exercises, and participate in workshops on digital research tools.

So far this semester, the program has focused on theoretical pedagogical styles, assessments, and rubrics and specifically challenges to different approaches and how the digital landscape changes how we approach teaching. Students have also participated in mini-workshops on digital assignments, presentation styles, Universal Design for Learning approaches, managing professional online identities, and copyright in teaching and research.

As we move to the second-half of our program, the program will turn to research-based topics like working with data, data visualization, working with QGIS for mapping, Tableau, and Omeka for digital exhibits. Participants in the program will have a chance to get hands-on experience through in-class workshops and finish up the course by showcasing professional websites that feature their academic work.