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homework assigned Wed, Nov. 13

Audio Activity 7: Mark your entire corrected transcript (draft B) for thought groups and focus words. That is, indicate thought group boundaries with straight lines, and within each thought group, highlight the focus word. Practice reading/speaking your presentation as you’ve marked it. Then, record ONE section of your presentation. Upload your recording to the Audio Activities folder by 9am Monday, Nov. 18.

Listening Log 5: Bring to class on Wednesday, Nov. 20. For one of your stories, find a current event.

No class meeting on Wed., Nov. 6

In lieu of our meeting, I’d like you to submit your homework to me in an audio recording. Remember that you were to tell the class the term that you planned to define in Presentation 3.

Please include the following:

1) the term you want to define/explain and the field it’s used in

2) the term briefly defined with an adjective clause

3) why this term is significant or why it would be interesting for your classmates to know about

Let’s make this recording Audio Activity 6, so name your file aa6_yourname and upload it to the Audio Activities folder by Friday, Nov. 8.


homework assigned Nov. 4

Presentation 3

Choose your term by class on Wed., Nov. 6. Prepare to

  • tell us the term you want to define
  • provide a brief definition with an adjective clause
  • explain why this term represents something significant in your field

Write a transcript for your presentation. It should be no longer than 300 words and it must be double-spaced. Please write your name on the transcript. Name your file P3_yourname_A and upload it to the Presentation 3 folder in Dropbox by Sunday, Nov. 10.

homework assigned Oct. 30

Written summary of Unit 3. Write a one-paragraph summary of the video Are the Olympics a Model for Creating Geniuses?

Begin by explaining Mike Rugnetta’s main claim in one or two sentences. Then, present his three-part argument for his position, as discussed in class. Refer to the notes you made for Part E: Comprehension Questions.

Please upload this summary to the Summaries folder in Dropbox by next Monday, November 4.