Dispatches from the AIDS Pandemic — Discussion and Book Signing

Dispatches from the AIDS Pandemic — Discussion and Book Signing

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Twenty-five years ago this month Dr. James W (Jim) Curran – Emeritus Dean of the Rollins School of Public Health and founding PI of the Emory Center for AIDS Research – green lighted, and funded!, the formation of the Vaccine Dinner Club.  The rest, as they say, is history.

Before that signal event though, while he was still at the CDC, Dr. Curran led the initial investigation of the disease later known as AIDS.   You may be familiar with the Hollywood story of that investigation, and what came after it, from the book / movie “And the Band Played On.”    

It was a good book and an engaging movie but those of us who lived those events in real time have spent the ensuing decades asking Dr. Curran and the other front-line insiders to write a book that tells the story from THEIR perspective.   And they finally have.  Yay!

So please authors Kevin M. DeCock, Harold W. Jaffe, and Jim Curran for a discussion and book signing of “Dispatches from the AIDS Pandemic: A Public Health Story,” —  their unique firsthand account of the CDC’s early response to AIDS.

Drawing in part on interviews from the CDC’s AIDS oral history project, the book traces the evolution of AIDS from newly recognized disease to pandemic.

Tuesday, September 25 

4pm: Discussion and Q&A

5pm: Book Signing

Margaret H. Rollins Room – Randall R Rollins Building

Register to attend at www.engage.emory.edu/dispatches


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