Online Workshop – Persuasive Communication: Influencing Patients, Partners, and the Public

Online Workshop – Persuasive Communication: Influencing Patients, Partners, and the Public

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Do you like to be told what to do or how to think? Most people don’t! But, as public health professionals, we are tasked with influencing behaviors, communities, and systems for the greater good. How do we persuade others in way that everyone wins?

This online workshop on 11/3/2022 borrows techniques from improvisational theater to help practitioners convey resonant, compelling public health messages to a variety of audiences. Participants will throw out the script and—instead of simply dispensing information—learn how to be present, show empathy and build real relationships with stakeholders. They will learn to quickly build connections, listen fully to get valuable information about an individual’s motivations, master body language to send signals of similarity, and strategize an effective plan so people feel heard, understood, and taken care of.  Public health professionals can apply this training when building coalitions, working with teams, crafting public information messages, and developing partnerships across other sectors.

Because listening and communication skills cannot be taught in a lecture or in a book, this workshop is full of fun and memorable learning experiences. Participants will be engaged in hands-on exercises, demonstrations, group activities, and games. Everything is designed to build participants’ abilities to be confident, effective communicators when they get back to workplace.

About the Trainer:
The Founder of Merlin Works, Shana Merlin, is a lecturer in the College of Medicine Texas A&M University and an associate at the Center for Health Communication at the University of Texas. Some of her most requested programs are on the topics of team building, communication, persuasion, leadership, medical communications, and creativity.

Shana is one of the most experienced and effective improv teachers in Texas. Presenting and performing nationwide, some of her clients have included Dell, Goodwill, The Four Seasons, The University of Texas and HP. Winner of “Best Improv Teacher” in Austin from the Austin Improv Collective, Shana founded Merlin Works, in 2003 to provide custom training, interactive presentations, and comedy shows to businesses and organizations using improvisation.

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