Civic Engagement Resources and Tips from REDI

Civic Engagement Resources and Tips from REDI

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Written by: Rollins Election Day Initiative (REDI) student representatives 

One reason that many voters, especially young voters, list for not turning out to vote is a feeling like “their vote doesn’t matter.” After all, when races are determined by tens of thousands of votes, why would one vote make a difference? While that may feel like the case in non-swing states and less competitive elections, Georgia is currently in two of the closest and most competitive federal election races nation-wide and has been a major player in federal and state politics for the past several races. The last midterm season, 2018, saw the closest gubernatorial election in Georgia in sixty years and those same two candidates are facing off again this midterm season (Brian Kemp (R), Stacy Abrams (D)). Moreover, we are also hosting the nail-biting senate race against incumbent Raphael Warnock (D) and challenger Herschel Walker (R). There’s a lot going on!

Voting is an integral step in the epidemiology cycle. The incredible evidence that our community contributes to understanding the determinants of health can be actioned by voting for state and local candidates that will fight for policies that we hope will better the health of our community. 

The reality is that it is not easy to vote, especially in Georgia, so REDI is determined to help make the process as easy as possible for our community. If you would like easy access to ballot information as well as information on your polling place or voter registration, swing by one of the Rolins Election Day Initiative (REDI) tables in the next couple of weeks.  Additionally, while voting is definitely the most important way to participate in an election, it is not the only way to be involved in civic engagement. Leading up to November 8th, we will be posting volunteer opportunities on how you can be more involved during this election cycle and during Rollins Day On, so follow us on Instagram at @emory.REDI !

Here are some resources: 

Q) When is the deadline to register to vote in Georgia? 

October 11th! So swing by a REDI voter drive table over the next few weeks to apply for an absentee or register in GA!

Q) I’m already registered to vote in another state, can I register to vote in Georgia?

Yes! While you may not vote in multiple states, you may be registered to vote in multiple states.

Q) I just moved to Georgia for school- am I eligible to vote in Georgia?

Yes!  If you are an in-person student at Emory, even if you have an out-of-state ID, you are eligible to vote in Georgia (you just have to register). 

If you have a Georgia driver’s license or state ID, you can register online:

If you do not have a Georgia ID, you can use to link below to fill out your information online but you must print the completed registration, sign and date the application and deliver it by mail or in person to your local county registrar’s office.

Q) How do I check / update my Georgia voter registration? 

  • Go to and enter your name, birthdate and county 
  •  Make any updates to your info by October 11 
  •  Contact your if you have trouble.

Q) What’s on the ballot this year? 

Enter your address and find out what your specific ballot measures are:

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