Multiple Student Research Positions, RSPH

Multiple Student Research Positions, RSPH

JOB DESCRIPTION 1:  Identifies sources of medical information from inpatient and outpatient reports, records, and electronic databases pertaining to patients enrolled in research studies.  Using study-specific electronic or paper-based data entry instruments, abstracts data on patient demographic characteristics, laboratory analyses, diagnostic work-up, specific treatment types and doses, comorbidities, and course of illness.  Follows up with patients, physicians, and clinics to obtain and update missing data. Performs the above tasks as required either on-site, or at the appropriate clinical care facilities.

QUALIFICATIONS: Previous medical record abstraction experience is preferred, but not required.

JOB DESCRIPTION 2:  Identifies gender minority (transgender, non-binary, or gender-diverse) persons from de-identified clinical note excerpts.  Evaluates results of review, reconciles disagreements among reviewers.  Performs analyses of agreement between computer-driven and reviewer-based assignment of records. 

QUALIFICATIONS:  Some work experience in a health care setting is a plus, but not required.


These positions maybe especially attractive to students interested in clinical research (e.g. those who plan to study medicine following completion of their MPH). For more information and to apply, please contact Dr. Michael Goodman (mgoodm2 [at] emory [dot] edu) or Rami Yacoub (rami [dot] yacoub [at] emory [dot] edu). 

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