#WeAreEmoryEPI: Meet Sofia Oviedo!

#WeAreEmoryEPI: Meet Sofia Oviedo!

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Meet Sofia Oviedo! She is a second-year MPH Candidate in the Epidemiology program. She joined our department from Texas A&M University and shared with us some of her experiences here at Rollins. Read more below!

Tell us about your academic history/where you went to school.

I graduated in May 2021 with a Bachelor of Science in Public Health from Texas A&M University.


What are your primary research interests?

My primary research interests are health services research, social epidemiology, chronic diseases, and health inequities. Systemic issues that affect social determinants of health play a significant role in access to quality and affordable healthcare in the United States, so I’m particularly interested in identifying barriers among those who need routine care.


Are there any exciting projects that you are currently working on that you’d like to share with us?

Yes! I’m working with the American Cancer Society on a project examining the association between Medicaid expansion and changes in employment among cancer survivors. I am also working with Emory School of Medicine’s Health Services Research Center on a pilot grant looking at the impact of an electronic referral system for patients needing a kidney transplant on decreasing barriers to transplant.


What is your favorite part about earning your MPH at Emory?

The collaborative environment! The students and the faculty are so supportive and want to see you succeed. Faculty are very open to talking about your interests and connecting you with other faculty if they–for whatever reason–can’t help you, and students are supportive of one another.


When applying, what were you looking for in a public health school, and what factors drove you to pick Rollins?

I was looking for a school with a supportive, non-competitive environment that fit my research interests that was also in proximity to public health organizations where I could gain work experience. Rollins checked all the boxes.


What has been your favorite class at Rollins thus far, and why?

I really enjoyed EPI 543 (Cardiovascular Disease Epidemiology), taught by Dr. Amit Shah. I loved hearing researchers present their work on cardiovascular disease, and it was great to realize that there are so many diverse topics related to cardiovascular disease and public health.


How have you been spending your free time?

When the leaves were changing colors, I loved to go to Lullwater Preserve near campus to walk and see the different colors of the trees.


What is one place that you would recommend people visit (hiking location, restaurant, coffee shop, museum, neighborhood, etc.)?

Little Bangkok on Cheshire Bridge Rd has outstanding Thai and Chinese food! 10/10 recommend


What advice do you have for 1st years?

Keep your mind open to new topics and take classes in unfamiliar areas. You may find that you’re interested in them!


What are three fun facts that you want people to know about you?
  1. I love to read science fiction and fantasy books.
  2. My favorite sports team is the Houston Rockets.
  3. I love to listen to music and make playlists.

Thanks for talking to us, Sofia! Please tune in next week to see who we talk to next!

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