Branding the Octopus

“War of the Worlds” proposed a sort of podcast that illustrated a mass release of fear through the release of apparently realistic, yet supernatural reports. The “brand” of a play would be an effective way to state almost any hoax, but aside from that method, there’s a possibility of releasing the information through a potential children’s story. This story could be released as a fairytale with the cliche beginning of, “Once upon a time….” and continue with a sort of demeaning tone. Oftentimes, fairy tales are told in a sing-songy voice, but can still incorporate interview and personal accounts. It would be directed towards children, similar to the Sasquatch  or Lockness Monster myths, and would not necessarily contain the intention of being believable, but rather have the intention of intriguing children’s creative minds. Another potential brand that could be used to advertise my hoax (tree-octopus) could be a scientific analysis of the species. This analysis would describe what, aside from the obvious parts, would make this phenomenon impossible, yet why people may believe it. It could incorporate other myths (again, i.e. Sasquatch) to state why people had believed fables like this in the past. While this specific creature’s existence hadn’t been mentioned, acknowledged, or necessarily believed prior to recently, it could be fun to examine what’s recently changed or how this story differs from others similar to it.

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