Hoax Review

Overall, I loved everyone’s podcasts; I thought they were very creative and engaging. I thoroughly enjoyed working with such a different medium and one of my favorite features was the fitting background music in many of the podcasts. It especially helped set the mood for the entire podcast, which would have been much more difficult to do if this were a written text instead. Particularly, in the DIA podcast, the dark and eerie music that began the podcast was so chilling I actually felt the fear within me as I was listening. Additionally, the use of humor in many of the podcasts was one of my favorite aspects because it lightened up the mood and made it more entertaining.

Many of the podcasts were so successful because they utilized interviews with outside guests to make their hoax more believable based on others’ credibility and their realistic insight. For example, many of the accents the interviewees had made things more interesting and it was just very comical in some cases. If I could steal any of the techniques people used, I would definitely consider having some of my interviewers falsify accents during their parts because I think that would make each character more intriguing. I would also have my voice actors add more enthusiasm or emotion to their parts like some of the podcasts had people speak very convincingly which added a nice emotional appeal.

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