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Everyone took a really unique approach to the podcast project. I liked how people were creative with how they organized their podcasts. I think having a narrative kind of like an episode on an established podcast show made it interesting. That idea didn’t even cross my mind when creating my podcast. I also liked how some people did all of the character voices on their own. I think that was a fabulous idea, and was quite impressive. I know for my podcast I used limited sound effects and music. Other people, who used more sounds on their podcast made the narrative more interesting and kept the viewer’s attention well. The people who decided to talk about a hoax rather than create one did a great job and were very creative about it. Having a narrator made it seem story-like and it was cool how they jumped back into the past with previous first hand accounts from the event. Both Courtney and Kristin did this very well. If I could redo parts of my podcast I would probably want to do more interviews. Having multiple characters was engaging in other people’s podcasts and it added complexity and excitement the more voices there were. It was interesting to see how people used humor in their podcasts because though many people did, everyone did it differently and I thought that was great.

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