Successful Podcasts

Overall the podcasts were very entertaining to listen to. There were many aspects of others podcasts that I liked because they were unique, which is amazing all in its own how very differently everyone went about making their podcasts. No two podcasts were the same. I really enjoyed how comical and satirical many of the podcasts were, and I also liked the news -like ones too because many of the interviewees were funny to hear telling their first hand account. I’m not sure if it was always intentional or not, but it made it very enticing and pulled me in deeper to the topic at hand.

I really enjoyed Maya’s tone of voice in her podcast. It was extremely lively and interesting to listen to. The way she pulled together her information and the commentary in her own warped voice (which was absolutely hilarious) kept me hooked from the beginning until the end. I also really enjoyed Kristin’s intro and outro! I was crazily obsessed with Law & Order: SVU a couple years ago, so personally I got really excited when I heard the intro. She even had the transitions from scene to scene the same as in the show. That was a very unique way of going about doing it.

If I could I would steal actual voice actors that were invested in the role they were portraying. The podcasts were always more interesting when the actors got deep into a role. Someone had a entire crowd of people all giving their views on the rhinoceros prints in the snow and I thought that was very interesting how they were able to pull in a bunch of different views within a few seconds by just having them all talk conversationally with the host. I actually kind of wish we could do another one! They were so much fun.

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