Catch Me If You Can Research Questions

1. What did the character Frank Abagnale Jr. implement to be so successful as an impersonator and how does it tie in with hoaxes?

2. Would the inspiration behind his impersonations and check fraud give question as to whether Abagnale’s act was a humbug or a hoax? Would the intensions change any of that?

3. How much of a hand did the acting and directing play into making this such a successful movie that fully grasped the audience?

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  1. Lindsey Grubbs says:

    Hey Enzo–these are all good questions that I think you should answer in your paper (especially the first and third–I’m a little less sure about your second. I think fraud may be its own category, so don’t feel like you have to force it into hoax/humbug language). Take a look at the email I just sent everyone, though, to get some ideas about how to make these more researchable: as it stands, these questions are ones you could mostly answer through your own close reading and analysis. What are key pieces of context that might help you talk about the film? Could you look at film reviews that would indicate how people responded to the film? Or, since there is a real life Frank Abagnale, could you do some research into the true story as well? Sometimes it is revealing to see what changes are made between true stories and films about them, because it can reveal the director’s choices more clearly.

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