Meet LITS Executive Technology Services

photo of a three employees

The LITS Executive Support Team (L to R): Jack Scott, Larry Frazer, and Justin Menacker.

In an effort to provide Emory’s leadership with the best support possible, the LITS Customer Services area has created the LITS Executive Technology Services Team. The three-person team is Larry Frazer (manager), Justin Menacker, and Jack Scott. They also plan to add a fourth member in the coming months.

The vision of the team is to be a one-stop shop for any technology service, from laptops to telephony, for the executives in Emory’s Administration Building. The team has an office in the Admin Building, as well as a location in the Boisfeuillet Jones Center (B Jones). They also support the Office of Undergraduate Admissions in the Oxford Road Building.

The team supports a total of 14 departments with over 300 users and 400 computers, as well as supporting the Board of Trustees Meetings, and, through the Provost’s Office, some of the Dean functions as well.

“We are ramping up to support all of the executives under the new strategic plan,” said Larry, “We are in a period of unprecedented growth at Emory. With a new President, Executive Vice President, and Provost all within months of each other, it was important for LITS to get those executives, and their growing staffs, up to speed as quickly as possible.”

Rather than having their time divided by other customers, this specialized team is able to provide real-time support to Emory’s leadership.

With over 30 years of service in Emory IT, the Executive Technology Services has strong collaborations throughout the Enterprise. Each of these employees have cultivated partnerships they will draw upon to get the work done.

According to Jack, “My old environment was more reactive, whereas this team is proactive and reactive. We can focus on the details and while still improving the customer experience, and have impact on the IT world at Emory.”

Added Justin, “We are able to work with all of the LITS teams, and take on a lot of services to have more ownership and control in the environment.”

In addition to supporting Emory leadership, the team also supports the executive staff, who expect and deserve the same level of service. Their mandate is to find next-level ways to bond with their customers.

“The Executive Technology Services team meets a unique need for our leadership groups, which requires expert-level technology expertise with full dedication to the customer experience in pursuit of our shared business goals,” said James Leonard, Director of LITS Customer Service. “Additionally, the Executive Technology Services team is now in a position to leverage the full toolset available to them through our recently expanded Customer Services department, further enhancing their ability to provide our leadership teams with world class service.”

The team is in the early stages of finalizing all of their backend processes and then will begin marketing the many tools that LITS provides but that aren’t yet being used. “We are excited about the possibilities of Mobile Device Management, which we are testing, said Frazer. The team has over 85 mobile devices that they need to support.

“We are thrilled by the opportunity we have to make a big impression on behalf of our division,” said Larry.

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