Lift Every Voice 2020: Emory Constitution Day Social Media Challenge

The Lift Every Voice 2020 Project Team will host a social media event on September 17th to commemorate National Constitution Day and the passage of the 13th, 14th, and 15th Amendments. We invite students and members of the Emory community to engage with us on twitter @EveryVoice2020 or to create their own posts using the hashtags #EveryVoice2020, #EmoryConstitutionDay, and #Constitution.  

Throughout the day faculty, students, and staff can join the conversation by: 

  • Retweeting the amendments and related documents 
  • Taking polls to test their knowledge 
  • Posting video readings of the amendments 
  • Choosing their own unique ways to engage 

 Following the event, participants will be eligible to receive Lift Every Voice 2020 t-shirts, buttons, and stickers.  

Douglass Day 2020. Image courtesy of Emory’s Campus Life.

 Lift Every Voice 2020 is a year-long public history project to illuminate the rich history of Reconstruction in order to deepen understandings of how African Americans envisioned citizenship for themselves and how they worked to bring these dreams to life. The project was originally conceived by the late Dr. Pellom McDaniels III, and began with his idea that Reconstruction was “a time of great possibility.”  The project has carried on in the hopes that his vision will continue to spark conversations about this important period in history and its legacies today. Since McDaniels passing, the project has become an important part of the Lifting Every Voice Legacy Series that honors his legacy. For additional events please visit the following blog post.