Full Word Cloud Responses

  • I love the values that have been instilled in me through my experience as a black woman. Because of experiencing oppression and adversity, I feel as though my ability to love and nurture and take care of others has been fostered
  • I feel like being Black makes me inherently strong and resilient, and that’s so beautiful.
  • I love that I am constantly learning, opening up myself to different routes of life, experiences, and being vulnerable enough to be negatively or positively affected by that vulnerability–in order to learn from it and grow from my mistakes.
  • I love how honest I am
  • My faith, smile, body, mind, personality, empathy, emotions, compassion, laugh, joy, peace, heart, love, beauty
  • I love my skin. Growing up I was called “charcoal” because my skin is so dark. While learning to love my skin I see the discourse surrounding colorism and Blackness changing for the better. Not only are we yelling “Black Girl Magic”, “Black and Killing it”, “Black and Beautiful” but I see my Fellow Black girls going out of their way to say “hey, your skin is beautiful. Not because it’s flawless (because it’s not) but simply because it’s Black”
  • It’s easy for me to be positive and accept myself, but harder to say I love myself, or something about myself, simply because I don’t have strong convictions on what love is. It’s hard for me to know if I feel love, or pride, even though those are so important. I haven’t been through strong enough fires in life to really know love and hate, and without the latter, can you really appreciate the former? People have been kind enough to shield me from so much of the hate, and to give me their love. I guess I can love that they did that for me.