Coming into my own sense of style has helped me become confident and self assured. As a child I was daring and bold, wearing hot pink cow boy boots paired with polk-a-dot knee high socks. I was confident in my outfit choices always wearing them with the upmost confidence and fierceness. As I began my journey through middle school and high school I become less daring and less confident in my outfits, sporting mostly black and gray attire. I suppressed my deep love of colors and fabrics, not sure who I wanted to be, not wanting to stand out to much or stir the crowd. However, as I became more sure of myself, I branched out and began wearing different fabrics and colors, and I begun to be bold and unapologetic with my sense of style. My unapologetic and bold fashion statements forced me to be more confident and more sure of myself than ever before. Each morning I was creating a different work of art, and I was forced to allow myself to be creative, be bold, and make mistakes.