New Reporting Guide

A new Reporting Guide is on OGCA’s website. This guide includes the enhancements implemented in the EBI production environment.  The guide provides guidance to Sponsored Programs Administrators for the use of reports both in the Emory Business Intelligence (EBI) system, and for the use of various queries currently available in Compass.

Recent updates to EBI include the following:

  1. The ***EBI Information*** Dashboard has been updated with Acronyms for various reports as well as new links in the “Helpful Links” section directing you to additional knowledge articles such how to clear your cache if you get an error returning data.
  2. The Encumbrance Transaction Detail Report (ETDR) previously had a default value “Emory College” for the Operating Unit prompt.  This value has been removed and the prompt will now read “-Select Value-“. This eliminates the need to deselect Emory College before selecting another value, similar to the other reports in EBI.
  3. The Revenue Expense Transaction Detail Report (RETDR) has been improved by adding an additional prompt called Journal Source, allowing you to filter on a particular journal source such as AP, AR, EX, PAY, FRG, etc.
  4.  You will also see a new Dashboard called Proposal Analysis.  The Proposal Analysis dashboard provides a monthly proposal statistics summary of the number of proposals received by the university, as well as funding information for those proposals.

Please visit OGCA’s Website and review the new Reporting section at:

If you have any questions, please contact James Goff at

From the Cost Studies Office


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