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New Requirements for

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FY18 Federal Fringe Rates Effective 9/1/17

  Each year Emory negotiates new fringe rates with the federal government. We recently received approval of our FY18 federal fringe rates. The table below represents the university’s finalized fringe benefit rates for fiscal year 2018. Please use these rates for any new proposals. For proposals already routed, please be aware that the new fringe […]

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FY17 Federal Fringe Rates Available Now!

We have received approval for our FY17 federal fringe rates from DHHS.  The table below represents the university’s finalized fringe benefit rates for fiscal year 2017. For any proposals already created and in routing, if prepared with the old rate, the proposal may be submitted with old rate if the deadline is approaching. Departments, schools, […]

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FY15 A-133 Audit in the books!

We recently completed our FY15 A-133 Audit covering the major programs of Research & Development (R&D) and Student Financial Aid. We received an unmodified opinion with no findings, material weaknesses, or significant deficiencies in internal controls; this is terrific news, and I want to thank everyone who played a part in helping us complete this […]

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Updated Policy: Accounting for Service Centers

Per the previous version of Policy 7.15 (Accounting for Service Centers), rate calculations for service centers were required to be submitted to our office for review and approval on an annual basis.  Effective November 23, 2015, we have updated our “Accounting for Service Centers” policy to reflect a change from annual to bi-annual rate calculation […]

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FY16 Fringe Rates Effective September 1, 2015

The FY16 Fringe Rates for Emory University and Healthcare are available.  The rates above are effective as of 09/01/2015 and should now be used in all grant proposals. The table below reflects the new fringe benefit rates. Fringe Rates for    Federal Labor Charges   Fringe Rates for   Non-Federal Labor Charges     Faculty/Staff/Postdoc   23.90% 26.25% […]

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Effort Reporting System Upgraded to Version 9.0

The Effort Reporting System has been upgraded to version 9.0.  The look is slightly different but most of the features and functionality remain the same.  The home screen now has the option to search for effort forms by account (Smartkey).  See screen shots below:                   The Search […]

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RSTs for NRSA Stipends

Payroll on NRSA stipends has unique tax issues that need to be understood when a Retroactive Salary Transfer (RST) is made. NRSA stipends are set up on job code 9905 and hit account code 61450. No benefits or taxes are withheld from these stipend amounts, so close scrutiny must be given to any RST moving […]

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New Sponsored Research Accounts Receivable Aging Report

Emory Business Intelligence also introduces a new report named “The Sponsored Research Accounts Receivable Aging Report”.   The Sponsored Research Accounts Receivable Aging Report contains Accounts Receivable information for all sponsored (research) activities at Emory University. The report contains open invoice information generated from Compass associated with sponsored research activities. The report also includes the original […]

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New Effort Salary Cap Report

Emory Business Intelligence introduces a new report named “Effort Salary Cap Report”.   The DHHS salary cap is a legal requirement limiting the direct salary that an individual can receive from a DHHS grant.  When an Individual’s institutional base salary exceeds the cap, the difference between that individual’s actual salary and the maximum amount allowed under […]

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