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The Emory University Biosafety Manual has been updated (

This document is critical to the Emory University Biosafety Program. The manual was established to provide guidance in accomplishing the following goals:

  • Protect personnel from exposure to infectious agents;
  • Prevent environmental contamination;
  • Provide an environment for high quality research while maintaining a safe work place, and;
  • Comply with applicable federal, state and local requirements.

Version 4 of the Emory University Biosafety Manual includes:

  1. Addition of Table 5. Comparison of the most common vapors and gases used for decontamination.
  2. Addition of the following Appendices:
  • Appendix A Spill Kit Essentials and Steps to Clean-Up a Spill
  • Appendix B Safety Checklist for Operating a Small Cryostat or Microtome
  • Appendix C Safety Checklist for Using Lyophilizes
  • Appendix D Characteristics of Selected Disinfectants

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