Broken Glassware Boxes Available at the Chemistry Stockroom 

Broken glassware boxes are purchased from vendors via Emory Express or in person at the Chemistry Stockroom in Atwood Chemistry Center, Room 109 (Mon-Fri, 7:00am – 3:00pm). The Chemistry Stockroom carries both floor and benchtop model boxes for single item purchase. Purchases from the Chemistry Stockroom must be made in person, not through Emory Express, using a SpeedType (hospital SpeedTypes cannot be accepted). 

Keep in mind, broken glassware boxes are for clean broken glassware, fixed microscope slides, or broken triple rinsed chemical bottles (cap removed). 

When the box is ¾ full, it is ready to be disposed. Close and tape the box lid and place in the hallway for BRS to pick-up. 




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