Sailing with the Gods, SIRE student 2020-2021

During the academic year 2020-2021, Olivia Te Koste worked on the Sailing with the Gods game as a part of the Emory University Scholarly Inquiry and Research Experience (SIRE) Program. Te Koste researched best practices in 3D modeling and educational gaming, and produced models that will be added to the game in future builds!

SIRE research poster

Olivia Te Koste presented this Poster Presentation about her research on April 21, 2021.

Te Koste describes “This poster chronicles the process of researching and creating 3D models of landscape features to be used within the Sailing with the Gods simulator. Including a collection of trees and boulders, said features were created with the goal of enhancing the player’s in-game experience by providing a more accurate depiction of the ancient landscape. These models are currently in the process of being implemented into the game, and in addition, a figure model is currently being develop with hopes of being implemented as well!”

We enjoyed working with her, and we look forward to having her work in the game!

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