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Download version 5.8 (4/02/2024):

*For troubleshooting see below.

Past Builds:

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  1. On OSX, once you download the game, unzip the file. If you Double click the game icon, it may not open. Instead, Right click (or Control + Click) the game icon and click “Open“. You will get a pop up window:
    Click “Open“!
  2. On Windows, once you download the game, unzip the file (extract all). If you Double click the game icon, you may get a warning. On the warning (see left below), click More info. This will confirm the game SailingWithTheGods.exe and Shiny Dolphin Games LLC (of K. Dressel) (see right below). Select the button Run anyway to play the game!
  3. If you get a black screen: First, make sure that you downloaded the correct version for your operating system. If you still get a black screen on the correct operating system, open the game, resize the game window smaller, and close the game. Reopen the game (it should open at the smaller size), and see if it loads correctly. If you have tried this, be aware that a computer with no available memory, or a smaller computer such as a MacBook Air, may not have enough processing power for the current version of the game to fully load properly. Try playing the game as the only open app. Feel free to e-mail us at samothracian [dot] networks [at] gmail [dot] com with any further questions.


Please provide feedback to the Samothracian Networks team by filling out the form below. As the game is being constructed, bugs may appear. Please let us know! We also value any input on something you would like to see added to future builds. Any and all feedback is appreciated as we build this gaming environment!

You can now load your game, and you can save the GPS data for the route you took around ancient Greece for our research! Please click the “SAVE DATA” button, the game will save your completely anonymous route data for our future research!

For students participating in class testing, your professor may want you to download and e-mail to samothracian [dot] networks [at] gmail [dot] com . Feel free to continue to send more feedback using the form below!