The Island

An Island in the Thracian Sea: Geography and Meteorology
Aerial of SamothraceSamothrace is located in the Thracian sea; the island itself is an enormous rocky outcrop, emerging from the fault line which divides the European from the Turkish and Aegean plates to reach 1644 m. This makes it the tallest peak in the region and a natural beacon for navigation ((Lehmann 1998:15; Seymour et al 1996; Pavlides et al 2005; Morton 2001: 245-52)). 19th century travelers note that it was visible from 100 miles away; Homer described Poseidon sitting on its peak to watch the battle on the plain of Troy ((Tozer 1890; Iliad 13.12; 13.33; 24.77-84)). Historically the island was one of the last stops for Greek and Roman ships bound up the Hellespont into the Black Sea and the rich resources and trade routes which led into it; sea currents from the tip of Lemnos and the outflow of the Hellespont drew ships naturally around the island’s circumference.