Select Scholarly Collections from the Feminism and Legal Theory Project

  • Vulnerability and the Legal Organization of Work, M.A. Fineman, J. Fineman (Routledge 2017).
  • Privatization, Vulnerability, and Social Responsibility: A Comparative Perspective, M.A. Fineman, U. Andersson, T. Mattsson (Routledge 2017).
  • Masculinities and Feminisms: Critical Perspectives, M.A. Fineman, M. Thomson (Ashgate Press 2013).
  • Vulnerability: Reflections on a New Ethical Foundation for Law and Politics, M.A. Fineman, A. Grear (Ashgate Press 2013).
  • Feminist Perspectives on Transitional Justice: Through a Theoretical, Policy and Practice-Oriented Lens, M.A. Fineman, E. Zinsstag (Intersentia Press) (Series on Transitional Justice 2013).
  • Transcending the Boundaries of Law: Generations of Feminism and Legal Theory, M.A. Fineman (Routledge 2010).
  • What Is Right For Children? The Competing Paradigms Religion and International Human Rights, M.A. Fineman, K. Worthington (Ashgate Press 2009).
  • Feminist and Queer Legal Theory: Intimate Encounters, Uncomfortable Conversations, M.A. Fineman, J. Jackson, A. Romero (Ashgate Press 2009).
  • Feminism Confronts Homo Economicus (Economic Man),M.A. Fineman, T. Doherty (Cornell University Press 2005).
  • Feminism and the Media, M.A. Fineman, M.T. McCluskey (Oxford University Press 1997).
  • Mothers in Law: Feminism and the Legal Regulation of Motherhood, M.A. Fineman, I. Karpin (Columbia University Press 1995).
  • The Public Nature of Private Violence, M.A. Fineman, Roxanne Mykitiuk (Routledge Press 1994).
  • At the Boundaries of Law: Feminism and Legal Theory, M.A. Fineman, N.S. Thomadsen (Routledge Press 1990) (Re-issued September 2012).

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