Access Online Newspapers Daily

During these challenging times, we know that you want to stay informed on current events. The Emory Libraries have some good news for you — as an Emory employee, you have free, convenient online access to a vast selection of newspapers!

To locate a specific e-newspaper or e-journal:

  • Go to the Emory Libraries ejournal tool and look up the titleAJC Header
  • Log in with your Network id and password to start reading

And here are the links to a few popular newspapers (Bookmark and use daily for Emory authentication and/or create an Emory Proxy Resolver Bookmarklet)

For access to the digital New York Times, see the New York Times@ Emory guideNew York Times on Devices

For access to The Wall Street Journal online, see The Wall Street Journal guide.

WSJ logo



For access to other recent newspapers and magazines from around the world, browse the PressDisplay database.Le Figaro

If you have questions about accessing online newspapers or journals, contact our Subject Librarian, Jennifer Elder


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