Robert W. Woodruff Library End-of-semester Survival Guide

Quiet Study Areas

  • The higher the floor in Robert W. Woodruff Library, the quieter it will be.  Levels 3 on up are quiet floors. Levels 1 & 2 accommodate more conversations and study groups.
  • The Matheson Reading Room, accessible via the bridge on level 3, is the quietest space of all.
  • If you choose to sit at a large table, be open to making room for others to sit with you.  If you’re looking for a seat, don’t be afraid to ask politely if you may join the table if there’s room!
  • Please turn your cell phones to vibrate.  If you have to answer your phone, try not to do so around those who are hard at work.  Instead, utilize Levels 1 & 2 for your conversations.  Similarly, when using headphones, remember that if others can hear your music it is probably too loud!

Collaborative Study Areas

  • Learning Commons combines technological resources and support services in an accessible, welcoming environment for learning and research.
  • The first two floors of Woodruff are designed to be a place for library users to gather and interact, so if you are working with a group, this is a great place to be.
  • Many of the tables, seating and whiteboards on the Level 2 are mobile so you can move things around to best accommodate your study needs.
  • Group study rooms, with and without technology, can be located throughout the library.  The new Student Digital Life Resource Scheduler makes reserving a room easier than ever.
  • A presentation practice and video conferencing room is available on Level 2.  This room can also be reserved through the Student Digital Life Resource Scheduler.

Research Assistance

  • Need help finding materials at the library? Library Simplified is a simple guide to help you learn more about the library and the services we have to offer.
  • Have a question but not sure where to start? Ask a Librarian provides a variety of ways to get answers anytime, anywhere!
  • In-person: Start at the Library Service Desk on Level 2. The Reference Desk is open 7 days a week. Scheduled hours can be found here.
  • Live Chat: Access librarians through chat by clicking the chat button on Emory Libraries’ FAQ page.
  • Email: Send your message via Ask a Librarian, and we will respond in less than two business days.
  • Call: Don’t hesitate to simply give us a call at 404-727-6873.
  • Text: Quick and direct, just text your question to 404-994-3366.
  • Subject librarians are available to assist you with your projects and papers anytime you need help. Whether it’s assistance with research, search strategies, or navigating the library. No matter who you contact, we will make sure to get you connected with someone who can help! Schedule a Research Consultation here.

Tools and Equipment

  • Located in the Marian K. Heilbrun Music & Media Library (4th floor), Dell and Apple laptops are available for checkout. You can use these computers in the building for up to three hours.
  • In need of other multimedia equipment? Cameras, Tripods, digital audio recorders and more. The Marian K. Heilbrun Music & Media Library has equipment you can borrow and use. View the equipment list and loan information here.
  • Your phone or laptop in need of charging and you don’t have your charger? The Marian K. Heilbrun Music & Media Library has the most popular chargers available for check out and use within the building.


  • Emory’s EaglePrint service allows students to print from their laptops from anywhere on campus. By installing the supplied software, students can use their own computer/laptop to print to Emory’s printers.
  • Public printers are available on Levels 1, 2, 3 and 4.
  • Multi-function printers are available for copying and scanning to email. While copying costs are the same as printing costs, scanning-to-email is free of charge.
  • A valid EmoryCard with Eagle Dollars is required to release jobs. You may add money to your EmoryCard by using the EmoryCard ATM located on Level 2 across from the Library Service Desk, or by using your charge card to add money through OPUS.

Stress Relief

  • Be on the lookout for the Library’s study break – it’s a surprise!
  • De-stress with popular reading materials from the McNaughton Collection located next to the Library Service Desk on Level 2.
  • During reading days and final exams, Peet’s Coffee & Tea is open 24 hours to provide the beverages and snacks to keep you fueled throughout your studying. The café is also a great place to take a moment to relax and chat with friends over a cup of coffee or bowl of soup.

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