Safari Books Online: What’s changing?

O'Reilly logoFor folks familiar with Safari, you should know the sign-in process for Safari has changed recently. You can access Safari at the new URL and type your Emory email address for access. You will also note Safari is changing its name to O’Reilly for Higher Education.

For folks new to Safari, the website is a collection of e-books provided by information technology, business, and education publishers, such as O’Reilly, Microsoft, Cisco, Apress, Adobe, and McGraw-Hill. Topics include team management, programming languages, data science, artificial intelligence, software development, and cloud computing. Books cover all skill levels and range from how-to manuals for beginners to video courses.
This site is free to Emory faculty, staff, and students. The Emory Libraries provide the subscription.

1. Do I need to create an account in Safari?
No. You only need an Emory email address ( You can highlight and download your notes, watch videos, and save playlists with only your email address.

2. How do I know if the topic I want to study is included in Safari?
We have the entire Safari e-books collection. You can search Safari by Topics, Learning Paths (videos) or use their search box.

3. How do I know if Emory has the book I want to use?
You can search the title in DiscoverE.

4. How do I download the e-books?
You will need to use the O’Reilly app. This requires you to create an account in O’Reilly using the instructions you received via email from O’Reilly Learning Platform. (This email likely was sent to your junk folder.) You will need to create a password.

5. How do I create a password in O’Reilly/Safari?
You should have received in your Emory email account an email with the subject line “Your O’Reilly Access – Activation Required!” If you cannot find that email, you can email customercare [at] oreilly [dot] com and they will assist you. Tell them you are using the Emory University Libraries subscription.

6. Can I use Safari off-campus?
Yes, as long as you use your Emory email address and use the above URL you can.

7. How do I find a book I used before?
If you cannot find the book from the Safari search engine or DiscoverE, then the title has been removed by Safari.

8. Can I take my notes with me?
Yes. You can highlight text, add notes, and download the citation. Both the highlighted text and any notes you added are combined into a csv file.

9. Is this subscription only available to Emory students?
No. The Emory Libraries subscription is for everyone: faculty, students, and staff. The form for creating a password and the promotional materials assume you are a student. You can ignore the request for a graduation date as this is not a required field.

For more information and instructions, visit the O’Reilly for Higher Education web guide.

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