International Programs Director Visits China

As the plane descended through the clouds over Beijing, I expected to see China’s capital glittering across the landscape. Instead, I was confronted with another thick layer of atmosphere—Beijing’s notorious winter inversion, a fog of pollution that blocks the sky. The sudden appearance of modern architectural marvels in the gloom, towering over the few remaining hutongs, lent the city an added mystique. I was in town to attend the annual meeting of the Partnership for International Management (PIM), a confederation of top international business schools that comprise most of Goizueta’s study abroad and exchange partnerships. Luckily, a strong autumn wind cleared the air on the first day of the conference, allowing us to appreciate the beauty of the Forbidden City in sparkling sunlight. Continue reading

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In the Classroom: Digital & Social Media Strategy

As someone who strives to have a future in digital advertising, Professor Schweidel’s class has been a great way to better understand how digital and social media strategy is impacting today’s world. We not only learn about the tactics companies are using, but we also learn the best ways to analyze data and results of marketing campaigns. The class is a perfect example of how Goizueta strives to provide students with the best opportunities to succeed in the professional world. Professor Schweidel instills in us his knowledge and passion for digital marketing and in each class we are challenged to think outside the box and understand why different campaigns or site designs produce different results. Continue reading

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CMC New York Trek

NY Trek August 2013

It was awesome to see friends from Goizueta fly into New York City to attend the Finance and Marketing trek in August. We were able to get a real feel for the culture of all of the firms that we visited. One of the best parts of each visit was breaking off into small groups to speak with employees about what their job consisted of on a day-to-day basis. I liked the fact that each firm really encouraged us to ask questions so we could better understand what each firm did and how it accomplished its goals. This allowed us to ascertain whether the firm was a good fit for us. One of the biggest events of the week was the networking event with Goizueta alumni at Alliance Bernstein. I was really surprised and excited to see all the alumni that came out to this event. It made for a great night.

If there is anything I would recommend for future treks, it would be to allow for slightly more time in between each visit to allow the students to get all their questions answered. In addition, because the subway system can get confusing, allowing more time between events will ensure that each student gets to the visits on time. I would personally like to thank Pam, Anne and Jennifer for organizing the treks. None of this would have been possible without them.

Brett Isaac, BBA14

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Up Close & Personal with Dr. Nowicki

Dr. Stephen Nowicki is truly one of the most influential thinkers, teachers, mentors, and role models a student could have the privilege of encountering at Emory. We were two of the lucky Goizueta BBA students to get into his highly sought-after Senior Seminar, Psychology of Leadership, in spring semester 2012. From the very first class until the day of graduation, Dr. Nowicki held us accountable for properly ending our relationships with and at Emory University. His class explored the concepts of the various stages of relationships, as well as the many facets of interpersonal communication. Each week brought on a new way of viewing and approaching relationships and endings, but there were three things you could come to expect each Wednesday morning: Professor Nowicki’s warm smile upon entering the classroom, a countdown on the board of days remaining until graduation, and always the question, “What have you done this week?” To answer this, we were expected to describe what elements of Emory and our relationships we had developed, and how we had approached the conclusion of these relationships since the previous class. Continue reading

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2013 Graduation Awards

On Saturday, May 11, 2013, the BBA Program Office hosted a Celebration Ceremony for the Class of 2013 graduates.  The program included a variety of honors and awards presented by the BBA Program Office and the Faculty to recognize student achievements.



Campbell Accounting Award
This award is presented to the student who has attained the highest scholastic average in accounting during his or her senior year.

Shawn Fareed Yousif and Brittany Lynn Zuroff

Educational Foundation of the Georgia Society of CPAs Award
Presented to the graduating senior with a concentration in accounting who has attained the highest scholastic average over the four year course of his or her undergraduate program

Jennifer Lily Hua

John R. Jones Accounting Award
Presented to an undergraduate accounting student in recognition of outstanding academic and personal characteristics.

Leah Ellen Friedman Continue reading

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We Sing Praises for Anushka Kapoor

Anushka Kapoor, BBA13, was one of two undergraduate students recognized on March 7th with an Unsung Heroine award from the Center for Women at Emory.  This award goes to a woman who has demonstrated extraordinary dedication to issues that affect women at Emory or in the larger community, but whose efforts heretofore have not received accolades or formal recognition.  Anushka was awarded for helping to found Sexual Assaults Peer Advocates (SAPA), which has trained more than 700 students to date on sexual assault response and how to best empower survivors, on the Emory campus and beyond. Continue reading

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BBA Accolades – Spring 2013

Lee Bachouros


Raeesa Chinikamwala (BBA15), Santiago Flores-Alvarez (BBA14), Kyu Ree Kim (BBA15) and Joseph Turner (BBA14) were selected to spend 10 weeks working in Linz, Austria at Voest Alpine Stahl, KPMG Austria, or Asamer & Hufnagl . The students will also study German at the Johannes Kepler University of Linz, a longtime Goizueta partner.

Ishaan Jalan (BBA13) organized for the third year TEDxEmory, an independently organized TED event, on April 20 with 12 speakers and over 500 attendees. TED is a nonprofit organization devoted to the transmission of “Ideas Worth Spreading.” Yunjing (Joyce) Li (BBA14) was Director of Membership, Raghav Rungta (BBA15) was Director of Finance and Sushmitha Radhakrishnan (BBA15) was Webmaster.

Dr. Christopher Rider, Assistant Professor of Organization and Management was nominated by students for the Crystal Apple Award for Excellence in Undergraduate Business Education on February 25. The award honors faculty who go above and beyond in their search for knowledge and involvement within the Emory community. Continue reading

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Case Competitions 2012-2013 Season

Duff & Phelps

Zheng Chen (14), Haibei Ju (14) and Victoria Tao (14) captured Third Place in the 4th annual Duff & Phelps YOUniversity Deal Challenge in March. Professor Kevin Crowley was their advisor. The team worked to solve a complex transaction in a stage of the deal-making process. Continue reading

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Searching for Purpose with J. Reiman

Successful entrepreneurs often encounter a spark that motivates them to start a business. That initial inspiration can get lost due to drastic shifts in the competitive landscape. Without a purpose, even a financially successful company will find it difficult to adapt to an ever-changing market.  Joey Reiman’s new book, The Story of Purpose, discusses the significance of growing a business through the lens of purpose, which Reiman defines as the distinctive mission of a business. Uncovering the truthful purpose is a process which ultimately leads to a brighter brand and a long-lasting legacy.

Named “1 of 100 People to Change the Way the World Thinks” by Fast Company magazine, Reiman has been teaching at Emory as an adjunct professor for 12 years. Reiman also runs the world’s first ideation company, BrightHouse, which assists clients in revealing their brands’ purposes. Reiman says that the notion of “purpose,” the essential inspiration of a company, is an elevation of the “master idea” concept from his previous book, Thinking for a Living. It is only with purpose that a company can create timeless brand messaging that benefits the entire society. Continue reading

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Learning Outside the Classroom Walls

How many times do people ask you for money? There are so many different organizations helping others in need and many causes asking for your support. But how many times do you get to see where your money goes and the impact it makes?

I decided to organize a Microfinance trip to Ghana in January as the President of Global Business Brigades at Goizueta because I wanted to see and experience the impact. I wanted to teach while also learning, and experience the culture and people of a place much different from anywhere I’ve ever been.

After reviewing many applications, the Global Business Brigades Executive Board was formed.  We advertised for the trip, fundraised, held an information session in October and quickly registered more than a dozen students. By the end of October we finalized our group, sent in our deposits and on January 1st we landed in Ghana. Continue reading

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