June 2014 archive

Finger Thoracostomies

From teaching round–Courtesy of Mene Demestihas: In a patient in cardiopulmonary arrest, going through the H’s and T’s can lead us to suspect a tamponade or compressive physiology as the culprit of the arrest. In these patients placing a formal chest tube is generally frowned upon as it can be a labor-intensive process for a …

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Teaching Ultrasound: Cholangitis-Choledocolithiasis

The IOW this week comes from Drs. Dustin Hill and Katie Dean. Their patient is 40’s year old male, who presented to the ER with fever, tachycardia, and  RUQ abdominal pain. He had a history  of cholecysttitis previously and had undergone cholecystectomy.  Bedside ultrasound below was obtained. It can be challenging to get oriented when imaging …

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IV Contrast Myths

Credit to Dr Todd Taylor for finding the article and sharing on the ED Listserv. Article by Anand Swaminathan   Main take-away points: shellfish allergies do not crossover to IV contrast – we shouldn’t even be asking this question pretreatment only helps hives, no statistical significance for major complications interesting discussion between anaphylactic reactions (mast cell …

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