Anna Yaffee 52 in 52: Two Brief Articles on Ureteral Calculi

Coll, Deirdre M, Michael J Varanelli, and Robert C Smith. “Relationship of spontaneous passage of ureteral calculi to stone size and location as revealed by unenhanced helical CT.” American Journal Of Roentgenology 178.1 (2002) : 1644.
Take Home Points:
  • Spontaneous passage rate of ureteral calculi varies depending on size and location
  • Size: 87% of stones 1mm in diameter passed spontaneously, 76% of stones 2-4mm in diameter passed, 60% of stones 5-7mm, 48% of stones 7-9mm, and only 25% of stones >9mm
  • Location: 79% at ureterovesical junction passed vs 48% at proximal ureter
Luchs, Jonathan S et al. “Utility of hematuria testing in patients with suspected renal colic: correlation with unenhanced helical CT results.” Urology 170.1 (2002) : 839-842.
Take Home Point: Sensitivity of any degree of microscopic hematuria on urinalysis for urolithiasis was 84%, using CT as reference standard, with low specificity and negative predictive value. Presence or absence of blood on UA alone cannot be used to predict ureteral calculi.

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