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Septic Arthritis: An Overview Dr. Adeeb Zaer

Clinical Question:  What would you do if you have a patient with cellulitis, but you are still worried about an underlying septic joint?? Clinical Vignette:  47 yo M with L knee pain, swelling, redness and immobile.  PE:  Fever, tachycardia, and a swollen L knee Phys Ex: Clinically cannot move the joint Source Staph is most …

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Dr. Adeeb Zaer Hyponatremia: An Overview

If in extremis: Symptoms: Seizures, AMS, brain herniation, cerebral edema Treatment: 100cc 3% hypertonic saline over 20 minutes – reevaluate and repeat x 3 if necessary until neurologic signs are gone   How to evaluate Hyponatremia: 1st step – Determine which of the 3 kinds it is by calculating the serum Osms. Hypertonic – (serum …

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