Student Worksite Experience Program

Student Worksite Experience Program

We are looking to bring on a student for at least 4-6 months, at about 15-20 hours per week to support the team in reviewing and extracting data from journal articles for the meta-analysis (brief position description is below.) The position is remote but we can arrange for them to come into the office if that is preferable or easier for them.

Student will be responsible for reviewing and extracting data from research manuscripts regarding enteric adenovirus.  Individual data points for each abstract, such as number tested and number positive for adenovirus, will be entered into a REDCap database.  Student will gain an understanding of the epidemiology of enteric viruses, PRISMA meta-analysis methods, and REDCap.  This work will support a meta-analysis of the global prevalence of adenovirus and inform current research into a recent association of enteric adenovirus with severe pediatric hepatitis ( 

Contact Sara Mirza at smirza [at] cdc [dot] gov if interested.

See the MOU and program guide in the attachments below.





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