Teaching Assistant, Health PREP

Teaching Assistant, Health PREP

Program Overview 

Health Professions Readiness Education Program (HealthPREP) at Emory is an 8-week summer program (May 31- July 23, 2021) facilitated by Emory School of Medicine (SOM) in partnership with the Rollins School of Public Health. HealthPREP provides resources to undergraduate and graduate scholars from disadvantaged backgrounds who are interested in health-related graduate and professional schools to enhance skills for competitive admissions.


Job Summary

HealthPREP is looking to hire five (5) RSPH graduate students from different departments to serve as teaching assistants (TAs) and mentors who will develop and deliver a public health curriculum to HealthPREP learners. The primary responsibilities involve instructional engagement and mentorship. HealthPREP TAs are expected to foster a supportive learning environment in which students are encouraged to increase their fund of knowledge and learn to exhibit behaviors expected of future healthcare and/or other professionals. HealthPREP TAs will receive a stipend award to cover approximately 10-15hrs per week beginning in mid-February through end of July.


General Position Responsibilities

  • Develop, instruct, and lead specialized educational and research activities with HealthPREP learners
  • Provide coaching, mentoring, and leadership to HealthPREP learners
  • Ensure curriculum activities are effectively implemented
  • Demonstrate professionalism through preparedness, dress, and communication
  • Interact with HealthPREP learners to facilitate a collaborative, positive, and engaging environment


Specific Duties/Responsibilities

  • Required work hours: Curriculum development will occur from mid-February – May 1st. Revisions and edits will occur during May. Curriculum implementation will occur from May 31 – July 23, 2021 on Mondays and Wednesdays, 8am – 12pm.
  • Before the program begins, from March 22 to April 9, HealthPREP TAs will have the opportunity to work alongside the HealthPREP Program Manager at the School of Medicine to interview applicants and select the 25 HealthPREP learners.
  • Record HealthPREP learner attendance during each session
  • Additional responsibilities and work hours as assigned



  • Prior experience working with historically underrepresented, minoritized populations or organizations (through research, work experience, or other internships). Qualified students from historically underrepresented and/or minoritized groups in health-related graduate and professional schools are highly encouraged to apply.
  • Track record of teaching, training, curriculum development, and other classroom activities is preferred
  • Ability to commit to work through end of July 2021
  • Demonstrated academic success
  • Exceptional leadership skills and ability to work effectively in a team
  • Self-discipline, high professional and ethical standards
  • Strong organizational skills
  • Proficiency in communication and interpersonal skills


To Apply

The application is due February 15th. If interested, please submit the following to Handshake:

  • Resume with Cover Letter
  • Evidence of teaching, training, or curriculum development is welcomed
  • Letter of Support from faculty member, academic advisor, or an individual who can attest to the candidate’s academic achievement.
  • Letter of Support may be submitted with application on Handshake, or sent directly to Shannon Vassell (Shannon [dot] vassell [at] emory [dot] edu). Please use email subject line: LOS for HealthPREP TA Applicant: YOUR NAME

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