Linguistic Landscape in Tokyo

Linguistic Landscape in Tokyo George Saito Tokyo is the capital city of Japan, and it is certainly the most global city in Japan. By examining the public signs and notification around the city, it is easy to find that the linguistic landscape in Tokyo is very simple and is also containing some “simplifying thought”. Here […]

New York’s Linguistic Landscape – Ibaad Khan

Melting pot. Big apple. Gateway to freedom. All of these phrases, among many others, can be used to describe the vast array of ethnicities and languages that mix and mingle in New York City. Like a vast, interconnected web, each of them plays a distinct role in the rich culture that defines the city that […]

The Linguistic Landscape of New York by Natt Jaitrong

New York City is often referred to as the hub of financial services and culture. Looking at the popularity of areas like Chinatown, Koreatown, and Little Italy, it is no surprise why New York City is highly regarded to be culturally diverse. However, after experiencing these areas first hand, it was most noticeable that the […]


I am living and working at New York City, and I consequently did some field research around the place I live, at 14th street, and the place I work, at 51st street. At these areas, English dominates these areas and unexceptionally serves English speaking population. Restaurants probably provide the only limited variations. Inspired by Leeman […]

Ireland’s Linguistic Landscape

Before coming to Ireland, I had always known that the Irish language, Gaelic, existed, however, I never thought that it was used. Instead I was under the assumption that, similar to my native language, Greek, that it was mostly unused language that is only used locally. Once I had arrived, it was much to my […]

Linguistic Landscape of Dublin

Dublin is a diverse city full of many different cultures and languages. Walking down City Centre, you are bound to hear groups of people speaking Spanish, French, Polish, Chinese, Arabic and especially English. However, oral discourse is only a small factor in determining the linguistic landscape of a country. Last year in Ireland, “tourism was […]

Dublin’s Linguistic Landscape

When I stepped off the airplane in Dublin and encountered an informational sign in Irish, I couldn’t help but laugh. Maybe it was due to the fact that I had spent the last seven hours wide awake on a plane (despite an extra-large dose of melatonin), but I was completely dumbfounded to find an informational […]

Dublin and Irish Gaelic – commodity or pride

Dublin is a city filled with a variety of different people from all over, however, the country has a deep respect and pride for their own native language, and this is seen throughout the city. The obvious example of language diversity in Dublin is their use of the Irish Gaelic language. Only about 5% of […]

Essay 3- Linguistic Landscape

The Gaelic language appears only in parts of Dublin life. The language seems to be more for aesthetic purposes rather than something that is used heavily in daily life. Everyone in Ireland primarily speaks English. In short my time here, I have not found myself in a situation in which I was struggling due to […]

Linguistic Landscape of Dublin

Aashna Goel LING 343 Ireland has historically been a country of emigration, rather than immigration, with patterns of population outflows both in colonial and postcolonial times to Britain, North America, Australia, New Zealand and elsewhere. For, although immigration to Ireland came later than to neighbouring European countries, Ireland in general and Dublin in particular have […]