2 thoughts on “Language Landscape of Singaporean Public Transport

  1. I found your essay very intriguing. It was interesting how you talked about the different advertisers and the divide between private and government advertisers. I liked how there were clear examples of multicultural linguistic landscapes throughout the use of public space and transportation.

  2. I really enjoyed reading your analysis of Singapore’s linguistic landscape. I especially liked how you focused specifically on public transportation, as I think this is an important area that gives clues to an area’s linguistic makeup. In Dublin, public transport signs and notices are presented in both English and Irish–multilingual like in Singapore, but a lot less functionally relevant. It sounds really necessary to present various languages on Singaporean public transport signage, but I wonder if advertisements will ever follow suit. In all, Singapore sounds like a much more linguistically diverse place than Dublin, so it was interesting to read about and see photos of the differences.

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