Chattanooga-Chickamauga-Cloudland Canyon

Chattanooga CSA
Chattanooga CSA – Image NAIP, USDAThe students of the 2016 Landscapes and Geomorphology class were tasked to identify an area that was easy access from Atlanta and would provide rich examples of both cultural landscape and geomorphic processes from a geographic perspective. Attempts were made to delineate the region by formal, functional, and administrative means and during the course it was identified the Chattanooga Combined Statistical Area (CSA) as shown above (in red) best captured the human and natural landscapes we wished to explore. This region encompasses parts of both Georgia and Tennessee including Dade, Catoosa, Hamilton, Marion, Walker,  and Sequatchie Counties. The focus areas identified above (in orange) were explored by all the students in late February 2016 over the course of two days in order to provide examples to their individual papers, field journal, and the field guides available here.

Chickamauga National ParkChattanooga Riverfront | Moccasin Bend | Tennessee Valley | Cloudland Canyon State Park