Leadership Week 1 – Darlene Pirkle

I found this exercise to be quite interesting.  My Myers-Briggs Type Indicator revealed that I am Introverted, Sensing, Thinking, and Judging (ISTJ).  ISTJs are efficient and responsible.  On a team we work to clarify responsibilities and goals and are dependable in meeting commitments.  On the other hand, we may have issues with delegating and may be resistant to new ideas.  The Blake and Mouton Leadership assessment indicated that I am a team leader.  I do feel that I lead by example and a primary goal is that all of my team members will be successful.  My left brain and right brain are completely balanced and I would have guessed those results.  According to the Strength Finders Assessment, my strengths include intellect, harmony, significance, input, and being a relator.   It would seem that these characteristics could work harmoniously in a neonatal nurse and/or a nursing faculty.

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Week #1 by Darlene Pirkle

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Leadership Week 1 Post – Eve Byrd

According to the Jung Typology, I am an ENFJ: Extrovert (78%), Intuitive (88%), Feeling (62%) and Judging (33%).  The ” benevolent “pedagogues” of humanity. At first I thought, correctly described me as I see myself but when I refreshed my memory regarding the definition of “pedagogues” – I’m not sure. I agree with the “teacher” in a broad sense of the description but don’t like the definition of “especially a strict or pedantic one” according to Webster.

My strengths assessment indicated that my top five strengths are Arranger, Responsibility, Maximizer, Woo, Futuristic. In watching the videos, that go along with these descriptions, I was impressed how well they described how I approach my work.  These strengths also tracked with characteristics described in The Leadership Challenge – strengths of a leader.  Honesty in my mind is a characteristic of Responsibility. In order to be an Maximizer one needs to obtain Competency in identifying expertise needed. Woo (I love it!) is being genuine and developing a rapport which I think allows on to be be Inspiring and Futuristic is Forward Thinking.  On the Blake and Mouton Grid, I landed on the low left corner of Team Leader.  I am a balanced Right Brain – Left Brain.

I found it very helpful to take time to gain understanding regarding my personality and strengths.  I am particularly interested in learning what my boss of 15 years scores on these scales and gaining greater insight as to why we have worked so well together for years.


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Week 1 Eve Byrd

This is a test

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Leadership Week 1 Post – Erin Biscone

I am an ENFJ according the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, although I am almost balanced between E and I. My Blake and Moulton Managerial Grid Leadership Self-assessment results fell in the team leader box, but my people score was higher than my task score. The Clifton Strength Finder assessment identified my top 5 strengths as Strategic, Input, Learner, Individualization, and Ideation. On the brain hemisphere dominance assessment, I scored a 58, which is balanced, but slightly right-brained.

I think these results are interesting and I can see how this kind of knowledge about one’s self would be useful in developing leadership abilities.

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Week #! Scholar Blog Ppost

I think that the Paragon Learning Style described me perfectly: my results pegged me as an INFP. Interestingly, the Jung typology test results showed me as a INFJ. Either way, it identified the I am a usually very enthusiastic, good with people, and oriented toward cooperative things vs. competitive things. This matched well with the results of the Blake and Mouton Leadership assessment which put me in the Team Leader section of the graph. Although I have never thought of myself as a team leader per se, I can see this in that I am not only concerned with the end result, but hope for all participants to reach their highest potential. I think that is why I love Emory so much: people at Emory are all high achievers and are working toward and reaching their highest potential every day. I was a little surprised at the results of the Left-Brain/Right-Brain test. I see myself as primarily right brain: creative and more spontaneous and feeling than logical and meticulous. But the results showed me to be right in the middle, balancing the free-flowing right brain with the left brain that tries to make sense of everything. I like those results very much because I think it fits into the role of a team leader and being innovative yet practical at the same time,

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Week #1 Scholar Blog Post Alexandra Finch

In completing the Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI), the results indicate I am ISTP.  Introvert (56%) Sensing (1%) Thinking (1%) and Perceiving (11%).  This indicator seems to be accurate, as my colleagues would probably describe me as an introvert.  Not surprisingly, the left-brain / right-brain test determined my left hemisphere as dominant.  I make every effort to be organized and systematic in both my personal and work environments.  When faced with complex problems or decisions, I can usually come to a conclusion and almost always have a “plan B”.  I guess this is why I enjoy working in the Emergency Department.

Similar to Dr. Wright, the Blake and Mouton Managerial Grid Leadership Self Assessment Questionnaire indicates I am a Team Leader.  Strength Finders revealed my personalized strengths insights as: intellection, harmony, significance, input, and relator.  Strength Finders also revealed my four distinct domains of leadership strengths as: executing, influencing, relationship building, and strategic thinking.

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Scholar blog post…week one

After taking the inventory tests, I realized I am well qualified to be a nurse. My Strengths Finder 2.0 test identified my talents as empathy, harmony, developer, relator and achiever. These finding seemed well paired with the nursing profession.  My Blake and Moulton score placed me in the team leader quadrant, but it was close to the center. The Myers Briggs identified ISFJ, but only moderately introverted over extrovert and a balanced brain dominance score.

This testing was interesting for me not only to give insight for my own personal growth, but also because I have always felt certain nurses gravitate, based on his/her personality to certain specialties. It will be fun to see how each of us in class, in our various specialties, are scored in these inventories.

Laura Ellen Prado

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Welcome to Leadership in Health Professions

Welcome to our class Word Press site. Through the use of this site, I hope to familiarize you with additional tools to make your online engagement vibrant, exciting and bring you aboard to the world of sharing your expertise and knowledge with others.

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