NEW Mercury Thermometer Exchange Campaign

EHSO is launching a new campaign to encourage researchers to phase out mercury thermometers from their labs by participating in an exchange program. EHSO will provide, free of charge, a 1 for 1 replacement of existing mercury thermometers, with red, alcohol filled thermometers.

This new campaign builds on our continuing efforts to remove un-needed, unwanted and unusable chemicals from labs across Emory University.

Researchers are encouraged to participate by following these steps:

The campaign will be rolled out over the course of the calendar year (see below):


Exchange Month

Claudia Nance Rollins, Dental (1462 Clifton)


Woodruff Memorial Research


Anthropology Building, Psychology and Interdisciplinary Sciences, Michael C. Carlos Museum, Hope Clinic, Ponce Center


Wesley Woods, Emory Children’s Center, Health Sciences Research Building


O. Wayne Rollins Research Center


Executive Park (Building 12), Woodruff Extension, Mathematics and Science Center


Whitehead Biomedical Research Building


Yerkes Primate Center


Oxford College


Emerson Hall & Atwood Chemistry Center


Clinic B Building


Clinic C (Winship Cancer Institute)


If you have additional questions, please contact your EHSO building liaison.

Please note: the exchange month indicated does not affect routine scheduled collection of regulated waste. The schedule is only a guide. If your building’s designated month has passed, you can still participate.

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