Emory University’s Office of Research Administration Selected as Mentors for Innovative Research Analytics Program

Leading the way in data-driven research administration, Emory mentors join a nationwide initiative to elevate analytics expertise.

Emory University’s Office of Research Administration (ORA) proudly announces that two distinguished staff members, Lisa Wilson and Alex Wagner, have been selected as mentors for the Research Analytics Mentorship Program (RAMP). This innovative initiative, sponsored by the University of Kentucky and funded by the National Science Foundation’s (NSF) GRANTED Award, is designed to enhance the skills and capabilities of research administrators across various institutions in data analytics.

Lisa Wilson, the Interim Assistant Vice President for the Office of Strategic Optimization and Training within the Office of Research Administration, and Alex Wagner, the Director of Research Analytics, have consistently demonstrated exceptional leadership and expertise in their fields. Their selection as mentors in RAMP is a testament to their dedication and high regard within the academic and research administration communities.

The RAMP initiative aims to foster a supportive and collaborative environment, empowering research administrators to become proficient in data analytics. This proficiency is crucial as it enables administrators to develop novel institutional analyses and actively engage in regional and national discussions on advanced research analytics in higher education.

As mentors, Lisa and Alex will guide their mentees through the intricacies of research analytics, focusing on data visualization and the strategic use of institutional data. This mentorship includes a series of bi-monthly meetings from June through November, where they will share their knowledge and experiences to aid in the professional growth of their mentees.

Participating in RAMP offers numerous benefits beyond acquiring new skills. Mentors and mentees alike gain the opportunity to broaden their networks within the research administration community, learn about the deployment of analytics at other institutions, and develop strategies that enhance their institutional research capabilities.

In addition to Emory, this year’s RAMP cohort includes mentees and mentors from esteemed institutions such as Rutgers University, Princeton University, Vanderbilt University, the University of Nebraska Medical Center, the University of New Mexico Health Sciences, Ball State University, Santa Fe Institute, University of Nebraska-Lincoln, Washington University in St. Louis, Texas Tech University, Morgan State University, and Augusta University, among others. This diverse cohort ensures a rich exchange of ideas and best practices, further strengthening the research administration community nationwide.

Join us in congratulating Lisa Wilson and Alex Wagner on their selection and wishing them success as mentors in the RAMP. Their involvement will contribute to their professional development and significantly advance research analytics at Emory University and beyond.

For more details about the RAMP initiative, visit the RAMP website.

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