$1.5B in Medical Research Funding Available via Congressionally Directed Programs

Author: Erica Pitre, Director, Research Development

The Congressionally Directed Medical Research Programs (CDMRP) launched in 1992 as a result of grassroots efforts to heighten political awareness of breast cancer.  Since it’s inception, Congressional appropriations for CDMRP research programs have grown from $210M to the more than $1.5B in available funds appropriated in fiscal year 2024.

CDMRP is known to reflect Congressional interests, since members can advocate for specific programming that directly reflects the needs expressed by their constituents and advocacy groups. ​ Therefore, research programs and topics change year over year.  Currently, 25 of the planned 35 CDMRP research programs are open, with numerous research topic areas accepting applications for research funding.

A few research programs and their programmatic budgets are highlighted below.  For a full list of open funding programs and specific research opportunities, please visit the CDMRP funding opportunities website: https://cdmrp.health.mil/funding/default

  • Autism ($15M)​
  • Bone Marrow Failure ($8M)​
  • Breast Cancer ($150M)​
  • Epilepsy ($12M)​
  • Hearing Restoration  ($5M)​
  • Lung Cancer ($25M)​
  • Ovarian Cancer ($45M)​
  • Peer Reviewed Alzheimer’s ($15M)​
  • Peer Reviewed Medical ($370M)​
  • Spinal Cord Injury ($40M)​
  • Vision ($20M)​

Each research program offers a number of open opportunities, including career development, breakthrough awards, clinical trials, and pilot awards. All opportunities require a letter of intent, and researchers are encouraged to reference individual program solicitations for eligibility requirements.

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