Opportunity to Present at the ARPA-H Customer Experience (CX) Hub

Author: Erica Pitre, Director, Research Development

Emory University is a member, or Spoke, of the Advanced Research Projects Agency for Health (ARPA-H) Customer Experience (CX) Hub.  The ARPA-H CX Hub forms part of ARPANET-H, a nationwide health innovation network and is dedicated connecting with communities to enable access to critical health innovations for all Americans. The CX Hub invites member organizations to present their current capabilities, strengths/highlights, and teaming desires during select all-Hub networking meetings called Spoke Signals.

The CX Hub will drive user testing, adoption, and end-user access for ARPA-H projects by incorporating end-user considerations at all stages of research and development, reaching diverse and representative patient populations, and capturing insights as public goods for future use. Members of the network will draw on user-centered design and research best practices and methodologies, providing access, capabilities, and support to effectively integrate user input. This can include more iterative product testing conducted at locations accessible to the beneficiary community, including traditionally underrepresented populations. The network will also explore rapid prototyping capabilities to allow for quick turnaround of physical or digital materials that can aid in user testing scenarios and refinement based on feedback from customers and stakeholders. New clinical trial methodologies, novel delivery mechanisms, and easier-to-use devices, are all envisioned as intermediary outcomes along this journey of bringing innovations to their ultimate clients or customers.

Emory researchers who are interested in taking advantage of Spoke Signals networking opportunities are required to develop and present a CX Hub “quad chart” on their current capabilities, strengths, and networking interests.  Interested researchers must coordinate with the Office of Research Development (ResearchDevelopment@emory.edu) for presentation scheduling and to obtain a copy of the CX Hub quad chart template.

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