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CHF and Atrial Fibrillation

A lesson I learned caring for a recent patient:  CHF exacerbation in Afib with RVR Clinical Question:  What is the best way to rate control in decompensated heart failure? Our first instinct when we see patients with A-fib with RVR is to reach for diltiazem or our beta blocker of choice, however, these are not …

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CHF or PE? PE is a known and common complication of CHF

challenging case: an obese 60yo patient never seen by a doctor as an adult presents marked peripheral edema, hypertension, and 2 months of worsening DOE, PND, orthopnea. BNP 400, EKG Unremarkable, trop 0.1, stating well. It feels like CHF. But the cardiologist wants a CTPE. We oblige – big saddle embolus with RV strain. This …

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