The Noodle of My Culture

One of the important food items that represents my family and cultural background is the tortilla. Being born in Mexico and immigrated into the United States, I remember the tortilla being a critical part of my everyday life. At my home tortillas accompany our meals for dinner practically each day. The tortilla definitely is a big part of Hispanic cultures, it is the noodle of our culture. What is amazing about the tortilla is that we can use it in many different ways and forms. For example, a renowned food in Hispanic cultures that uses tortillas is the taco. The foundation for the famous taco is the tortilla as it is what holds the ingredients in place. Each taco is named differently based on the ingredients it contains. One of the famous tacos is named tacos de lengua. The main ingredient in this taco is beef tongue. Another traditional Mexican dish where the basis is the tortilla is chilaquiles. Chilaquiles is made up of broken pieces of tortillas with salsa, cream, and cheese. More ingredients can be added. In other dished, tortillas does not have to be the basis but can serve as a complementary. For example, in traditional Mexican dishes that contains beans or rice, tortillas can be used to scoop up these ingredients. In my family, the tortillas has often come to replace traditional eating utensils such as a spoon and a fork. It serves many functions.

On a personal level, one reason I believe we eat tortillas so much is because it helps us fill our stomachs faster. This would make sense since there is a lot of poverty in Mexico and the area where I come from. It was hard to keep food on the table. I can notice the difference when I eat my beans and rice with tortillas and without tortillas. If I eat without tortillas, I remain hungry and in need of more food. Tortillas are relatively cheap to make so many families in Mexico use them in their dishes. Although I believe this, there is more to tortillas than just the cheap cost as a replacement meal. It is significant in our culture because it talks about who we are. The tortilla has definitely influenced who I am as a person and the way I grew up. It has taught me to always remain humble and grateful for what I have. It tells me to appreciate any meal that I have on my table. The tortilla is significant in our culture because it allows for families to have food on their table.

I personally have not been able to explore Atlanta much to know a whole lot about ethnic communities there. From what I know is that there is a lot of diversity in Atlanta as it is a busy and heavily populated city. From the little experiences I have had, one fun thing is that students in Atlanta as a whole currently have a crave for bubble tea, a Taiwanese drink made from milk and tapioca. Interestingly, although people from the area have turned the drink into a whole big thing, Taiwanese students don’t seem to be as affectionate towards the drink as other students. It would be intriguing to learn more about this drink and how it is view from the eyes of Taiwanese people and foreigners.

 Tacos de Lengua

 Chilaquiles Tortillas!

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